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The Greatest Wedding Ever Donated (G.W.E.D.) is a one-time activation empowered by The WayFarer Foundation. A couple that lives with the reality of cystic fibrosis, a terminal genetic disease, and PTSD from childhood trauma, joins forces to host a charity fundraiser and benefit concert in place of their wedding.
Outside of fusing philanthropy and the $76 billion wedding industry, we hope to utilize the attendance, messaging, and overall platform of this special "big day" to create open dialogue, deep reflection, and raw/honest conversations as a practice in building long lasting relationships.
The specially curated Gala and Benefit Concert will take place on May 5, 2018 at The Wiltern Theater - Los Angeles.
The goal of the one-night event is to raise $500,000, awareness, and important conversations about cause areas that the couple is specifically touched by, which so happens to align with The Wayfarer Foundation's (fiscal sponsor) cause arms: mental health, rare disease, low-income families, education, and research.
100% of proceeds go directly to the nonprofits. All online donation platforms are linked to The Wayfarer Foundation-- our fiscal sponsor's account. Checks will be written directly to The Wayfarer Foundation and any cash collected will be handled by The Wayfarer Foundation's accountant. To be most clear, your donations will never benefit our personal account!
While we have a lot of services starting to be donated in-kindly, we have made a personal contribution of $30,000 toward event costs to keep the remaining overhead expenses under 7%. These expenses include costs for overall production (rentals, printing, extra food and event crew).

The Wayfarer Foundation is the Fiscal Sponsor of The G.W.E.D. project. Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups - typically projects - engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization's mission.

What is The Wayfarer Foundations EIN/Federal Tax ID?

The Gala portion is invite only -- a ticketed event of $110/person (depending on number of RSVP -- tickets will be available for public). The Benefit Concert is open to the public, the price is TBD.

Event sponsors, table sponsors, VIP tickets, benefit concert, live auction, silent auction, online fundraising, and program ads. See table below on various sponsorships.

Sponsorship Level Donation
Title Sponsor 75,000
Presenting sponsor 50,000
Platinum Sponsor 25,000
Gold Sponsor 15,000
Silver Sponsor 10,000
Bronze Sponsor 7,500
Table Sponsors 3,500
VIP Ticket 100
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