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The Carnival of Love

The Wayfarer Foundation (WF) was created to support charitable programs that are inspired by content produced by Wayfarer Entertainment. They create and execute events, provide programs and opportunities for communities to engage with the non-profit.

Every January the Skid Row Carnival of Love comes to town. The Skid Row Carnival of Love is an initiative founded by Justin Baldoni in 2015, that is working to build community by providing resources and love to the often times forgotten, and overlooked sector of our city: Los Angeles’ homeless population of Skid Row. The Skid Row Carnival of Love is Los Angeles’ fastest growing community event benefiting and celebrating those currently experiencing homelessness on, or around, Skid Row. Through a partnership with the City of Los Angeles, and Mayor Garcetti, the goal of the carnival is to shine a light on those experiencing homelessness and provide them with needed resources, while creating a bridge between the endemic population of Skid Row and its volunteers, coming from not just Los Angeles but all over country. With over 1,500 volunteers, and 4,000 attendees in 2017, the Skid Row Carnival of Love plans to expand beyond Los Angeles in 2018, partnering with cities and communities around the country to put on their own carnival to embrace, and empower, their own homeless residents.


  • Health Care
  • Career Services
  • Legal Services
  • Education Programs
  • Financial Services
  • Housing and Shelter Services
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For one day, there is no us or them. No rich or poor. It’s simply about: unconditional love and coming together as a community.

Justin Baldoni, Co-Founder of The Wayfarer Foundation

U.S. Census Bureau 2016

According to the United States Census Bureau 2016, the total population of the U.S. was 319.9 million in 2016 and 12.7% or 40.6 million Americans were in Poverty.

U.S. Poverty Stat: Age of the Population

22.8 million adults between 18 to 64 and 4.6 million over 64 are experiencing poverty. Most heartbreaking, about one in five children are in a poverty status.

U.S. Poverty Stat: Race

The Poverty rate for African Americans (22%) and Hispanics (19.2%) is more than double that of non-Hispanic White (8.8%).

U.S. Poverty Stat: Marital Status

There are 15.6 million families headed by a single mother which represent 19% of all families in America. But 4.1 million of these single mom families are in poverty which account for an astounding 51% of all the families in poverty.